Adrian Murtaza / Elena Burdiel

Senior Manager / Research Associate - Fraunhofer IIS


The Fraunhofer keynote will highlight some of the most important activities that we conduct together with the UHD SAPIN, as founding member as well as some of the latest updates in broadcast and streaming. This will include an overview of the MPEG-H end-to-end workflow used for showcasing MPEG-H Audio live streaming in Spain. Additionally we will discuss the latest developments in Brazil, where the SBTVD Forum has recently launched a Call for Proposals for the TV 3.0 Project which will define the next generation broadcast system. MPEG-H Audio is currently the only audio system fully standardized which fulfills the most challenging TV 3.0 requirements and it was proposed by Fraunhofer IIS, ATEME, DiBEG (Japan) ATSC (US)

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